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                      ZB Series Combined Transformer (American Box-type Transformer)


                      Technical Features of ZB Series Combined Transformer (American Box-type Transformer)
                      ZB11 series combined transformer is a new type of distribution equipment (also known as American box-type transformer), is to install the LV load switch plug-in fuse, LV current-limiting fuses in the transformer box and use mineral oil for insulation and cooling, which is featured by reasonable structure, small size, installation flexibility, easy operation and space saving. The combined transformer is particularly suitable for the load center of the city power grid for the reason of loss reduction and power supply enhancement.
                      The product series have been widely used in distribution sites of the residential areas, public places, industrial and mining enterprises across the country.
                      Small size, compact structure, easy installation
                      Full Sealing, full insulation, personal safety guarantee
                      It can be used for ring networks as well as terminals, easy conversion as a result of power supply reliability enhancement
                      Low loss, low noise, superior performance
                      Plug type of cable connectors featuring in isolation switch, easy operation and flexibility
                      Double high-voltage fuse protection, plug-in fuses featuring in double protection of temperature and current
                      Backup fuse protecting on the transformer fault and secondary circuit fault
                      The box body using burglarproof structure
                      Low temperature and high load capability
                      As the transformer body with a special structure, its outstanding advantages are LV quality and small neutral offset.

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