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                      YB Series Prefabricated Box-type Substation


                      Technology Features of YB Series Prefabricated Box-type Substation
                      YB Series Prefabricated Box-type Substation (also known as box-type substation), is a substation of one or more cabinets composing by three parts—LV power distribution equipment, power transformer and LV power distribution equipment in a certain line program. This product series are suitable for outdoor and indoor installation, widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, residential quarters, high-rise buildings, stations, terminals, temporary work places and so on, featuring in small size, compact structure, attractive appearance, easy maintenance, quick installation and commissioning, no staff on duty, higher economic effectiveness. In particular, it can go deep into load center which has great importance on improving the quality of power supply, reducing power consumption, increasing security and reliability of power supply system and transforming power distribution network.
                      This product series meet the requirements of GB/T17467-1998 HV and LV Prefabricated Substation, QB/DQ9466-88 LV Switchgear Preliminary Test Measures, DL/T537-93 Technical Specifications for the Procurement of 6 ~ 35kV Box-type Substation, IEC1330 and other related standard.
                      Structural Features:
                      1. The box frame structure of the product series is composed of channel steel, shaped steel and angle steel. With high mechanical strength, it can be integrally lifted and transported.
                      2. The shell will respectively choose glass fiber cement materials, colored steel composite board, stainless steel, aluminum zinc plate + pressure dipping board in accordance with customer’s needs. The products are nice and have good corrosion prevention, heat insulation and noise reduction performances.
                      3. There are separated small cabins chambered with partitions between the rooms and the transformer room is equipped with automatic temperature control and condensate and temperature control drainage devices.
                      4. In order to facilitate the monitoring and maintenance, transformer rooms, LV rooms and HV rooms are all equipped with lighting.

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