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                      35kV Power Transformer


                      Technology Features of 35kV Power Transformer
                      Product Features: Three Lows, One High, One No
                      Transformer Features: Full sealing, maintenance free, low loss, low noise, low temperature rise, high resistance to short-circuit capacity, no leakage, safe and reliable operation etc. Load tap changing power transformer can realize unmanned execution, remote control, telemetry, computer control management.
                      Product design and process features:
                      I. Iron Core:
                      The transformer core adopts a lap banding structure of internationally advanced level. The core is without punching yoke and with uninterrupted yoke and the iron chips use high-quality cold-rolled grain oriented silicon steel; the iron core as formed will brush curing paint on surface. Clamping devices are reasonable, reliable and attractive; advanced design and technology of the iron core allows the core structure obtaining great advantages from the performance to its structure.
                      II. Winding:
                      Matured and advanced design, process and manufacturing technology has been used in the product design and manufacturing processes to ensure reliable product performance and quality.
                      1. With correcting selection of high-quality wire material and insulation material and a reasonable choice of wire thickness and width ratio, low current density wire is chosen to ensure the disks large enough and a reasonable cross-sectional area, reducing the winding radial tensile stress.
                      2. Insulation material: Our coil wire are all wrapped by high strength, high density cables for insulation, effectively computing the compression stress of the turn insulation according to dynamic stability characteristics of the transformers in design, so as to make an effective control and match the maximum compressive stress allowed by coil pads and the allowed compressive stress by cable paper with sufficient margin.
                      3. Coil:
                      a. High and LV winding adopts entangled continuous and continuous structure of overall compression plate so that mechanical strength of the axial winding is strengthened;
                      b. Denison paper is used for insulation paper between coil sections, increased insulation strength between coil sections
                      c. HV and LV winding uses circled winding under high and low pressure of the domestic leading level which is indentified with winding dense. The entire seamless winding ensures the overall stability of the coil axis. The inner layer of LV winding uses 5mm formed paper insulation tube, greatly improved mechanical strength and anti-short circuit ability of transformer.
                      4. The device body adopts with matured and excellent insulation structure, and uses computer for magnetic field calculation simulation in the design, meticulously and thoughtfully accounting the magnetic strength, and taking corresponding measures on weak links.
                      5. All the coils use no space suits of preloading vacuum drying and entire assembly to improve the overall stability and rigidity of the transformer body and good capacity to resistance on sudden short-circuit.
                      6. Lead wire makes a soft connection by copper foil or paper enameled cable.
                      3. Oil Tank:
                      The tanks are cylindrical tank, using limit side structure inside and outside tank seals, in order to ensure sealing tapes in good condition. The sealing material is acrylic rubber which has anti-aging ability and long service life; sealing test shall be made to oil tank and oil storage cupboards for sustaining enough time without leakage and damage.
                      Non-magnetic steel plate in the local welding has reduced the winding stray loss, and prevented local overheating caused by the magnetic flux leakage.
                      Shocking and flame has been adopted to eliminate stress on the overall oil tank. Fluorescent leak test and pressure test shall go through strict inspection to ensure no leakage.
                      IV. The main components of transformer, such as casing, radiator, on-load tap switch, temperature controller (signal thermometer), seals, butterfly valve, flying valve, valves, are all procured in designated units. We assess the qualified supplier in accordance with the procurement process of ISO9001 Quality Management System and select quality products of domestic well-known manufacturers with issued product permit by the Ministry of Mechanics, going through strict inspection after the products are delivered to the plant. It is approved through long-term use that technical requirements can be met and the operation is stable and reliable.

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